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CmdStore is our online arm which sell collectibles, toys, action figures, anime stuff, and other related merchandise. We have been in business since 1992. We have 2 websites to serve you better. Cmdstore.com where the prices are in US dollars and Cmdstore.ca which is in Canadian dollars. We have a retail stores in Montreal. We direct all walk-in traffic to visit our store.

You can visit our retail shop when you're in Montreal. Prices and inventory shown on this website do not necessarily reflect what is available at our retail location (there are price variances). Please note that the hours of operation below may change depending on the season. Please call the store to check their hours of operation.

Please do NOT call the retail store number concerning website/order inquiries. Please call the warehouse number for those types of inquiries. The staff at the store are not trained to answer inquiries pertaining to the website. Yes...they are clueless! Actually...for security, we do not allow the retail store staff to access website information. Please direct all website/order inquiries via email to Customer Care (customercare@cmdstore.com). Please do not forget to include your name and ORDER NUMBER in your email. The warehouse staff will gladly answer all emails during business hours from 10:00am to 6:00pm (Mondays to Fridays). If you placed an order, please check your email confirmation...it will contain the warehouse phone number or you can use the Bat-Signal to contact us.

Please note that all the items listed on the website may not be found at our retail stores. THE WAREHOUSE IS NOT LOCATED WITH THE RETAIL STORE. If you plan to drop by and shop for specific figures, please call the numbers above to make sure the items are available at the retail store. If not, items can be transferred to the retail store within 3 to 7 business days. All prices listed on this website are in US dollars and subject to slightly higher transfer fees at our affiliate stores.

The website inventory is housed in a state-of-the-art 5,400 sq ft industrial park location. Due to zoning bylaws, our warehouse is NOT open to the public. We are NOT allowed to sell to walk-in customers at the warehouse. We've had people drive 1,000 miles and show up at our warehouse. If you show up, the staff will run and hide! We trained them well.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our: Employee of the Year: Sal.
Sal has been with our company since 1999 and has dedicated his life to our company. He has served dignitaries, celebrities, suppliers and fellow workers who are in need of thirst. His amazing abilities allow him to switch from Hot to Cold within seconds. He will go that extra mile and we love him for it. When we moved to our new warehouse, Sal moved with us and has adjusted well to the new surroundings. His lovely wife works at a law office down the street and his 1.5 kids plan to get into the business. Kudos, Sal. We look to many more excellent years from you!
Height: 4 ft 6 inches of hollow plastic
Weight: 60 lbs of solid liquid
Likes: Prince or The Artist formerly known as Prince
Dislikes: Gatorade and Big Shot bottles who brag but are really empty when the action starts!
Ambitions: To be the Next American Idol
People say I look like: Drew Carey (Picture below)

The prices displayed on this website do not reflect what is listed in our retail stores. Each store operates separately and products may not match the prices listed on our website. Also certain products may not be available in the region or store banner of your choosing. Due to market conditions, the price of products in the WEBSITE section may vary from the price shown in-store.

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