Giant Uglydoll Plush 2 Foot: Big Toe

Giant Uglydoll Plush 2 Foot: Big Toe
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Item Description
Scale: 2 Feet
Format: Plush Doll
Packaging: N/A
Manufacturer: Uglydoll

Description: Big Toe is very busy, but he’s going to take care of everything. Just watch. At first, Big Toe may seem a little slow... until you realize he’s always one step ahead. Those donuts you were saving for tomorrow? Gone. Those leftovers from the picnic? Done. Big Toe’s on top of things! An unstoppable force of knowledge, Big Toe’s got the scoop on all the latest info, and knows what’s going down at all times... Except for when it comes to you. What’s up with you? Big Toe wants to know.

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