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Indiana Jones 3.75 Inch Action Figure Exclusive Series - Set of 6 (Lost Wave) SDCC 2011

Indiana Jones 3.75 Inch Action Figure Exclusive Series - Set of 6 (Lost Wave) SDCC 2011
Send To Friend      Indiana Jones 3.75 Inch Action Figure Exclusive Series - Set of 6 (Lost Wave) SDCC 2011
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Item Description
Name: Set of 6 (Lost Wave)
Category: Indiana Jones
Series: Exclusive Series
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Type: Action Figure
Size: 3.75 Inch
Packaging: Boxed

Description: Now you've got the chance to relive the action of the first and most beloved film in the legendary INDIANA JONES franchise with this Limited Edition six-figure set. INDIANA JONES Guided by two thieves into the dark jungles of Peru, INDIANA JONES recovered the golden fertility idol by solving the deadly riddles of an ancient Chachapoyan temple. After recovering the relic, Jones was cheated twice of his prize: first briefly by his guide, SATIPO, who soon met his death in the temple, and second permanently by his long-time rival and nemesis, French archaeologist Ren? Belloq. MARION RAVENWOOD Marion has seen and done a lot in her life: adventured across Asia and the Middle East with her father, lived in the most dangerous places in the world, and beaten the burliest Sherpa in Nepal in a traditional game. Now she's been pitched into a snake-filled tomb by Fascists, wearing the latest fashion straight from Paris. As if that weren't bad enough, she's got to rely on Indy to get her out. SATIPO Jungle guide and part-time thief SATIPO agreed to lead Indy into Hovitos territory only because of the wad of American cash the archaeologist offered him. Upon reaching the hidden temple of the Chachapoyan warriors, curiosity overcame his fear, and he ventured in alongside Indy. Unfortunately, he became possessed by greed when he beheld the golden fertility idol, and fell victim to one of the temple's deadly traps. TOHT An officer in the German secret police, TOHT never really believed in the supernatural nature of the Ark. It was an interesting find, to be sure, and a powerful symbol, but nothing more. The discovery that its contents were nothing more than a fine powder of ancient sand caused him to chuckle with amusement, but his laughter quickly turned to screams of terror when the true power of the Ark was revealed. GERMAN MECHANIC Bored with life so far away from Europe and the preparations for war, this big bruiser is more than a little delighted to discover a filthy American trying to steal a cargo plane. It's been a while since any man has really challenged him in a fight, but if rumor around the base is right, this American has caused more trouble than his scruffy looks would indicate. Beating the exhausted man to a pulp might be easy, but at least it'll be fun. INDIANA JONES On the trail of both the stolen Ark and the kidnapped Marion, Indy sneaks into a secret naval base and steals an officer's uniform. Desperate for a way to free Marion from German clutches, he takes a position above the procession bearing the ark with a rocket-propelled grenade. Calling out to Belloq, he threatens to blast the Ark to pieces unless Marion is freed. Set comes with six action figures and accessories.

Safety Warning: This product may contain sharp points, small parts that are choking hazards, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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