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Pre-Order Policy

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NEW POLICY: We require that you do not combine pre-orders/back-orders with in-stock items on the same order form. Similarly, do not combine pre-orders with other pre-orders if the arrival dates or series' are not alike. We do this because the pre-orders/back-orders can experience delays making it so that we cannot guarantee that a given in-stock item will remain in-stock during the wait for the pre-order or back-order to arrive.

Therefore, should you place an order containing both in-stock and pre-order/back-order items, we will separate your order into parts and bill you only for that part that we can immediately send. The rest of the order will be sent out once the pre-order/back-order item arrives and only then will you be billed for that item.We do not require pre-payment for pre-ordered items through our site, unless it is otherwise stated within the item's description.

We will alter your order if you combined pre-orders or back-orders with in-stock items or if you combined pre-orders of different series or waves.

The orders will be separated and the appropirate shipping charges will be applied to each separated order. The order might be canceled entirely and we will ask you to redo your order if there are too many violations. We will remove the pre-order or back-order item(s) from your order and only process the in-stock items.

As well as note that coupons are not valid on pre-order or back-order items, if a coupon is used for a pre-order we will automatically remove the discount on the pre-order.

What is a Pre-Order? It is an item that has not been released yet. We allow you to pre-book this item and we will bill and ship when it has been released by the manufacturer.

What is a Back-Order? It is an already-released item that has been sold out. Back-ordering allows you to get this item as soon as it has come in.

Cancellation of Pre-Orders

When you place your pre-order, we commit to getting those items in for you from the manufacturer. When an order is cancelled by a customer, we cannot cancel the order from the manufacturer.

There is, for that reason, a 15% re-stocking fee on all cancelled pre-orders placed. We encourage you to pre-order your items in advance to help secure your item when it arrives in stock, but we ask that you be completely sure that you want the item before placing a pre-order.

All release dates are subject to change by the manufacturer. The shipping dates listed are based on information received from the manufacturers.

Pre-Order / Back-Order Payment policy

If Payment is made through a credit card Pre-Orders and Back-Orders will be charged a 15% deposit immediately if the total value of the items is at or exceeds $100 and when the item(s) arrives in our warehouse we will charge the balance to your credit card..

If payment is made through Paypal, the amount is charged right away and once we receive our shipment your order will be shipped out

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