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Spawn Exclusives Action Figures

SPAWN ACTION FIGURES FROM McFARLANE TOYS. Spawn figures are one of the biggest selling and collectable lines from McFarlane Toys. New releases of Spawn figures are always eagerly anticipated and many sell through quickly thus soon becoming scarce and very desirable. Spawn, Todd McFarlane's own creation, continues to be the backbone of McFarlane Toys. The very first figures McFarlane released were based on Spawn and it continues to be among McFarlane Toys' most unusual and successful lines.

McFarlane Exclusive Action Figures: Hanging Spawn
Price in USD: $74.95

SPAWN 3 Special Edition Figure Collector's Club McFarlane
Price in USD: $174.95

MANGA SPAWN ROBOTS Exclusive 2 Pack McFarlane Action Figure
Price in USD: $44.95

SPAWN + MIRACLEMAN Exclusive 2 pack Spawn Action Toy Figure McFarlane
Price in USD: $39.95

SPAWN I & V DELUXE BOX 2-Figure SET McFarlane (Sub-Standard Packaging)
Price in USD: $79.95

ARSENAL OF DOOM SPAWN Figure Special Edition Spawn McFarlane Toy
Price in USD: $59.95

MANGA GODDESS Special Edition Fishtank Display Spawn McFarlane Toys
Reg. Price in USD: $39.95
Sale Price in USD: $24.95

BURNT SPAWN Special Edition Fishtank Display McFarlane Toys
Price in USD: $49.95

Price in USD: $69.95

AIR CYCLE W/Special Edition Pilot Spawn Action Figure SPAWN VEHICLE SERIES McFarlane Toy
Price in USD: $39.95

VIOLATOR CHOPPER W/Super Size Violator Action Figure SPAWN VEHICLE SERIES McFarlane Toy
Price in USD: $39.95

SPAWN ALLEY W/Special Edition Comic Book Alley Playset SPAWN PLAYSET SERIES McFarlane Toy
Price in USD: $39.95

Spawn Fishtank Action Figures: Manga Spawn
Price in USD: $49.95

Danger Girl Fishtank Action Figure: Sydney Savage - Abbey Chase - Natalia Kassle
Price in USD: $49.95

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